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Monday through Friday -  8 AM to 5 PM

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There will be a $45.00 Diagnostics Fee on all Computers when they are dropped off to be repaired.

This $45.00 Fee will be taken off of the cost of the repair once complete.

If the customer decides not to have the computer repaired, the $45.00 Fee will be non-refundable.

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PLEASE NOTE - 15 Minutes shown on all Bookings is Drop Off Time only. NOT Repair time.
15 Minutes drop off | $150 Flat charge  Remove all Viruses and Malicious software. Repair Operating System that may have been corrupted due to viruses. Also includes a Tu...
Full Clean of Viruses/Malware
15 min.
**This our most popular service.
15 min indicates drop off time only. 


We have been seeing new viruses, that when you log in to your credit card website or bank account, there will be a very legitimate looking addition to the page pop up asking for your complete account information to include account number, CVV number, expiration date, etc. 

Virus Notes:
Due to the number and types of viruses that are currently out there and not knowing the future viruses, here are a few rules:

1. Change your passwords often. Every 30 days or more often.
2. Never insert your full Credit Card, Account information, or Social Security Number if asked for it by any website, including your Bank or Credit Card Website after it is set up.
3. You will NEVER be asked for your login information in an email.


  • Full Clean - Remove all viruses/adware/spyware

  • Replace/Upgrade Video Cards

  • Replace/Upgrade Sound Cards

  • Upgrade RAM (Memory) Speeds up Computer

  • Repair no boot (Blinking cursor)

  • Replace Laptop DC Jacks

  • Upgrade Operating System

  • Repair Blue Screen problems

  • Install software and set to customer satisfaction

  • Set up Internet services in Home

  • Set up network to share printers and files​

  • Assist customer with Installing Printers

  • Assist customer with Installing Cameras

  • Assist customer with Installing Computers

  • Assist customer with Software

  • Replace Display on Laptop

  • Upgrade/Install CD/DVD ROM

  • Plan, Install and Maintain Server Based Networks

  • Ensure all software is updated and current

  • Retrieve data from failed computers

  • Retrieve data from failed hard drives

  • Set up and use Tablets

  • Set up and use Phones


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